5 & 6 Inch Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Bobbitt’s Seamless Gutters takes great pride and care in all of our installations.  To prevent any surprises during the installation process, we begin our installation with a conscientious inspection of eaves, fascia boards and soffits.  In addition, our seamless 5 and 6 inch rain gutters are machined on site, thus avoiding the risk of breaking and scratching during shipping. Installed with heavy-duty hidden hanger brackets, our gutters and downspouts can be affixed to any type of roof or building structure.

The Difference Between 5” and 6” Rain Gutters:

  1. The main difference between 5 and 6 inch gutters is that 5 inch gutters are typically used on residential homes and small businesses, while 6 inch gutters are used on larger homes, commercial buildings, pole sheds/barns and garages. 

  1. 5 inch gutters can handle just about any amount of water that typically drains off of smaller roofs.  2x3 inch downspouts are usually paired with 5” gutters, but in some cases that require more water drainage, 3x4 inch downspouts may be used. 

  1. Larger roofs that drain large amounts of water require a gutter system that can catch and drain the water more quickly.  Therefore, 6 inch rain gutters are used in these situations, which typically occur with larger homes, commercial buildings, garages, and barns/sheds.  Paired with 3x4 inch downspouts, 6” gutters are able to displace large amounts of water quickly and effectively.    

Hidden Hanger Brackets

2x3, 3x4, and 4x5 Downspouts

Smooth Round Downspouts